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Derrick Rose return: 'muscle memory' the latest buzz phrase

Nothing's changed, except a rise in resentment I suppose


[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 05/04/13 12:00 PM CDT: Rose speaks...and then we kind of wish he didn't. There's no change in status, he's waiting on some intangible difference in his knee. Won't rule out coming back if that happens. haha.

There's some real doozys in here. My favorite may be him trying on his stethoscope:

Health-wise, if I do take the whole year off and don't play anymore, I know I'm going to come back a better player. I guess my body will be healed more but who knows?


Nothing new here, just time for another Derrick Rose thread I suppose. I do have a new picture of Rose in a suit, so that's neat. We also have this GIF from the mothership.

Anyway, the guy isn't playing. You're exposing yourself as a bit naive (or outright dumb?) if you're expecting him to play.

We did get some words from Rose himself last night, the TNT broadcast reported that Rose talked of needing to re-obtain 'muscle memory' to where he can play like he used to. This is important only because it gives us more ammunition to crack jokes about him: 'muscle memory' can join alongside '110%' and 'only God knows' as we laugh through the tears (or at least SMH'ing) of it all.

But it's actually not new, and consistent with what we've heard since Rose was medically cleared to play: he doesn't want to work his way back into being back, he just wants to be back. The Bulls are miffed but ok with it. We're all miffed too, but by next year will be ok with it. Nothing is screwed, it's just really really annoying right now.

Steve Kerr made some headlines this week by coming out as a Rose questioner, saying in radio interviews and during the Game 5 broadcast that he doesn't see why Rose isn't playing if he's been declared healthy. But where he's mistaken is postulating that what Rose's teammates are going through currently makes it more apparent that he should be out on the floor. Noah's injury and Deng's illness have nothing to do with Rose recovering from major surgery. Rose should be out there playing because that's how you get back your 'muscle memory'. It's not because his team needs him now more than they did 5 weeks ago when he really should've been on the court.

Returning for Game 7 or the next round seems insane, as after a whole year of being extra cautious it could be downright dangerous to have Rose's first basketball in a year be in heightened playoff circumstances. All common sense would indicate that he's sitting the year no matter what, the time to come back was at the end of the regular season, and that has long passed.

But the Bulls and Rose have left it open to this insanity. And really, lets rip them all for it. Derrick, Reggie, GarPaxDorf, Thibs, the whole lot. Just don't confuse Rose as being a member of this team right now.