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Nikola Mirotic wins ACB League MVP

The Bulls have Dirk 2.0, y'all. Just kidding. Maybe.

Jamie McDonald

The legend of Nikola Mirotic continues to grow by the day. The Bulls' draftee was named ACB League MVP after leading Real Madrid to the best record in the league. And if you want some crazy Bulls parallels, Mirotic, 22, became the youngest MVP in league history. Sound familiar?

Prior to this, the youngest MVP in ACB history had been Marc Gasol, so that's pretty good company. Mirotic averaged 12.6 points and 5.5 rebounds on the year as Real Madrid racked up a 30-4 record, winning the league by four games. He shot 50.5 percent overall and 43.5 percent from three while shooting 80.7 percent from the line. This all contributed to a final "ranking" of 16.2 (no clue how this is calculated), which was fourth best in the league.

I still really haven't seen this guy play much besides a few highlight videos and some grainy online footage, but he clearly is a pretty special player. Winning the MVP in that league at such a young age is no joke, and it's also worth noting that Mirotic helped lead Real Madrid to the finals of the Euroleague before falling short against Olympiacos.

Of course, we know that because of his Real Madrid contract and the NBA rookie scale, Mirotic isn't coming until 2014 at the earliest. At that point, the Bulls could then use cap room or an exception to sign him. That would seem to muck up the grand 2014 Plan a bit, but who the hell knows what exactly that plan is anyway?

Nevertheless, I'm definitely excited for this kid whenever he does come over. I know some are worried that he may never actually play for the Bulls, but that would likely only be because he was included in a package for an established star player. Although I don't know if the Bulls should be trading Dirk 2.0...