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Chicago Bulls offseason: links! the slog is over, did Nate price himself out, and Reinsdorf talk


Not much going on in this post, just some links that popped up at the end of the season that I found interesting. We will be getting heavy into offseason talk soon enough, though it's a long way to July...

  • Rob Mahoney at had a list of impending free agents who boosted their trade value in the playoffs, and unsurprisingly two Bulls made the list in Robinson and Belinelli. This will (may?) be addressed in a separate post, but it looks like Beat Writer Consensus (BWC!) is that both will be gone.
  • Doug Thonus at Bulls Confidential really wants Nate to stay. The Bulls could offer him a 3 year deal starting at around $3m, and Doug hopes they do at least that:
    Jimmy Butler's more of a three, Kirk Hinrich and Teague are both ones. Nate Robinson doesn't exactly fit that bill either, given his size. However, Nate brings the skills the Bulls desperately need at the SG position.

    He's their Jason Terry.

    What we've seen with this Bulls team is that they've lacked creators and scorers. They've had enough defense to hang in games with Miami, but when push comes to shove, they don't have the guys who can score against them consistently. Nate Robinson can be one of those guys, and while he's not the star powered second scorer we'd all want, he's the best scorer we can get.
    If you're serious about winning, and you know you can't bring in another scorer through trade/free agency, you simply can't let Nate go. The Bulls need a guy to make shots....Yes, they likely need someone who's better at it than Nate Robinson. Sure, they'd like that guy to come in a package that fits better alongside Derrick Rose. Absolutely, this isn't the ideal pairing. However, it's as ideal as the Bulls are likely to get for three million.

  • As someone who's blogged 9 of these past 15 seasons, I really enjoyed Trey Kerby's ranking of the post-title Bulls years at The Basketball Jones. I personally rank this past season lower and the '06-'07 one higher than he does, though may be completely related to my naivete at the time.
  • But I really do think this past season was more of a slog than anything. Yes, there were some fantastic moments (and GIFs), and the 3 amazing playoff wins (Game 4 and 7 against Brooklyn, Game 1 against Miami) that in a way made everything worth it. But over the entire span of months watching every game it's been kind of a drag with all the injuries and other aspects of a 'water-treading' season. I very much look forward to this team being a potential juggernaut again instead of rooting for effort. Rooting for effort takes too much effort!

    Gothic Ginobili is a bit even more down than me, calling it a 'terrible, god-awful season'. He does make the point that there was nothing to be learned from that Miami series, they categorically beat Chicago's brains in. I agree, there's nothing in that series that tells me that they can beat the Heat next year. But there wasn't going to be anything from it, with so many players out and limited. The best we could hope for is stealing a game and we did it. It was cool.
  • And not to end on another down note, but here's a lengthy profile of Jerry Reinsdorf from the Sports Business Journal. As you would imagine, it focuses more on his true love of baseball, but there are a couple of Bulls tidbits. They're weird and mostly indeterminable tidbits, but this one sounds like Reinsdorf was trying to even further limit the Bulls (unused) financial advantage, based on this story from his son (and current Bulls president) Michael Reinsdorf:
    I’ve had discussions with him about situations that have gone on over the years, and it surprises me where he sides. I’ve said, ‘What are you doing? This is not good for the Chicago Bulls.’ He just said, ‘Mike, you have to do what’s right.’ I still struggle with that sometimes. It’s a learning process. I lean toward doing what’s good for the Bulls. I hope one day I can become how my dad is.
    Like I said: weird. There's more here on Jerry Reinsdorf's mostly hands-off approach to his basketball team, and the news that the intended succession plan is for the Bulls to go to Michael and selling the White Sox.