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Bulls vs. Nets Game 6 final score: Short-handed Bulls fall 95-92, series heads to Game 7

Close but no cigar.


The Bulls have put up some really gutsy performances this year. Despite the loss, this may have been the gutsiest. The hurt/sick/throwing up Bulls trailed the Nets for essentially the entire game, but never quit, fighting until the final whistle before falling just short, 95-92. Every time it seemed like the Bulls were going to surge ahead, they just couldn't make the crucial play. Game 7 in Brooklyn with this banged up roster isn't a good place to be, but I'm not giving up hope because the Nets could easily piss a game away. yfBB will be along with a more proper recap either tonight or in the morning.

Final - 5.2.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Brooklyn Nets 33 27 15 20 95
Chicago Bulls 27 27 17 21 92

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