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Derrick Rose return: Rose misses entire season

it's official


There haven't been any real updates for a while on Rose, though we had fake ones up until just last week. But now it's over: everyone who had a report saying Rose was coming back was wrong. Every dope with hope looks silly. The '8-12 month window' is now finally closed.

#TheReturn drama was around all year. First escalating after Rose went to the national media and first brought up the possibility of him not returning at all this season, and moreso after the Bulls had let it be known (though don't tell Sam Smith! He hasn't actually seen a doctor say it!) that Rose was healthy enough to continue his rehab by playing in games. From there it only got weirder and a bit more annoying. Speculation ran rampant as the Bulls and Rose continued on their 'day-to-day' mantra, and things seemingly only got worse when Rose would actually speak on the matter.

It was a weird story, and writing about it was weird too. Jon Greenberg wrote a fine column about the whole situation late Wednesday night. I don't have that much more to add. Once the playoffs began and it was evident that the Bulls and Rose were simply lying to us about the possibility of a return, everything since was just a less-fun-by-the-day grapple with different camps in the Rose saga, from those who actually believed in miracle returns to the types who put Rose in an infallible position because The Return is ultimately his decision. Like Greenberg, I think that Rose is easily redeemable: he just made a poor decision, and he'll win everyone back over when he plays again. It sucks that isn't until October.

I'm sure we'll get more information now that the season is over, and hopefully it's some juicy bits. Because we didn't get to see Rose actually play this year, so that's the best we can hope for.