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Bulls vs. Heat final score: Bulls eliminated after one last valiant effort

story of the season, in a way

note: actually not from tonight's game. No photos yet.
note: actually not from tonight's game. No photos yet.

After a horrific start to the game, what looked to be another destruction of the Bulls at the hands of the Heat became instead yet another reason why we should never expect that from this team. The Bulls were in control for much of the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but Miami escaped with a 94-91 win and a 4-1 series win. It is the first time all season that the Bulls had lost four in a row.

The Bulls had two fairly-good looks to tie the game at the end. They missed, and it hurt. It shouldn't have really hurt given the expectations for this night...and this series...and this season, and maybe it's a feeling you can get any time you know you won't be seeing the Bulls for a while.

And then seeing Nate Robinson leading a final team huddle after the buzzer made me literally stand up and clap. This was a frustrating as hell season, and I'm sort of relieved it's finally over, but this team was unique and memorable. It's a tough thing to say goodbye to, even if the future hopefully sees some better fortune.