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Derrick Rose return: Bulls star not against minutes limit, but still not ready

Derrick Rose said Sunday he wouldn't be opposed to a minutes limit when he returns, but he also said he's still unsure when that return will be.

David Banks

So Derrick Rose spoke again on Sunday morning, and while most of what he said was the same stuff he has been putting out there the last month or so, we actually did get something new. With how long this process has taken, we had come to believe that Rose wanted to come back without any type of minutes limit. And there was a report that the Bulls didn't want him on any type of restrictions either. But Rose disputed that theory, saying he'd be fine coming back on a limit (via K.C. Johnson):

"I wouldn't mind at all," he said. "Of course I want to play more. But it's not that big. I'm going to play whenever I'm ready. I don't care if it's 15 or 40 (minutes). I just love the game too much. Like I said, I'm just waiting and praying about it. And hopefully I'll be out there soon."

Rose also reiterated the fact that there won't be any sort of announcement of him sitting out the season and that his options will remain open. So if he feels "ready" come playoff time, he'll come back then. I personally don't see what benefit there is to either him or the team if he came back right at the start of the playoffs as opposed to right now, especially if he's fine coming back on a limit. But maybe that's just me.

Rose was also asked if having another full summer to rehab would benefit him:

"I think it is where it gives me more time to work out if I don't play," Rose said. "But I think I have enough time already knowing I haven't played in a long time. Just taking that time and getting my body together, it could definitely be big. But I'm going to come back whenever I'm ready."

And the beat goes on.