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Bulls vs. Nets final score: Brooklyn sends series back to Chicago


With a 110-91 loss, the Bulls have chances have reduced to 2 for closing out this series, and will get their next one at home on Thursday.

This was a game that Brooklyn correctly approached as an elimination one, never quite pulling away but always maintaining a lead. Throughout the night their collapse from Game 4 loomed, as the Bulls would hang close and the TNT crew would constantly reference their choked-away 14-point lead from Saturday.

Nate Robinson got the start at PG tonight in place of the injured Kirk Hinrich, and though he had some spectacular finishes on his way to 20 points, there wasn't the same kind of heroics in the stretch this time.

The Bulls really had a lot of contributions from all over tonight (with Jimmy Butler being the best Bull on the floor), and looked to be doing just enough to maybe steal another one, but in the end they did not finish well as Brooklyn sealed the game after a Gerald Wallace three and then a steal and dunk. It was Nate's 3rd turnover but in 43 minutes at the PG position tonight that's a minor blemish on what was a good effort from him.

Especially after pulling away in the final few minutes, the Nets put in a fairly complete effort offensively. Deron Williams had 23 and Brook Lopez had 23 28, and their non-star contributions came in from Gerald Wallace, CJ Watson, and surprisingly some big Andray Blatche makes in the 4th.

Lots more to come.