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Bulls vs. Nets playoffs: Kirk Hinrich out for game 5, possibly longer

back down the well!


The only down note from Saturday's epic 3OT win was news that Kirk Hinrich injured himself during his nearly 60 minutes of play. We found out early Monday that the prognosis is pretty bad, from KC Johnson:

Hinrich is in walking boot, out for Game 5 and possibly more...MRI on Hinrich showed no tear but bruise is bad enough missing rest of this week real possibility.

KC was on Mully and Hanley this morning, and speculated that instead of just moving Nate Robinson up the depth chart, Thibs could start Bellinelli at the point. This would mean Jimmy Butler would guard Deron Williams, keeping Nate on bench in his usual role. We've seen Belinelli be competent at initiating the offense, but he's mostly bad at it. There aren't many good choices here, though, as starting out Nate on Williams may put him in a hole early, whereas he can be deployed more easily later in the game when the Nets go to their smaller two-PG lineup.

(oh, and we should likely expect some minutes from Rip Hamilton tonight. Remember him?)

I'm not upset at the minutes Kirk accumulated in game 4. They needed that game, took it, and without Kirk that would've been impossible. Winning this series is the best it'll get this season, and the Bulls are still in prime position to do that.