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Bulls vs. Nets playoffs game four: pressure on the Nets to make the adjustments


There isn't much to consider when it comes to what the Bulls need to do on Saturday. They've taken brief command of this series with two straight victories after making the adjustments to ignore 2/5 of the Nets starters and really key in on Deron Williams.

It's on the Nets now, as returning to Brooklyn with a 1-3 deficit would probably have them on tilt. If you read our pals at NetsDaily, there's signs of pressure effecting them already: Gerald Wallace and Marshon Brooks already questioning their 'role', a reflection of a coach in tenuous position. And maybe that was another advantage the Bulls had in this gift of a first-round playoff matchup (yay, East!), as P.J. Carlesimo probably knows he's gone at the end of the year regardless, and that impacts his decisions and the players reactions to them. Meanwhile, Tom Thibodeau has the sway over this roster like a cult leader. Everyone's drinking the kool-aid, even if some of our feet hurt a lot.

That's a testament to the job Thibodeau has done in turning this series around, aided by a renewed effort from his players of course. Noah is slated to have his minutes increase a bit, which is certainly encouraging, and the Bulls can ideally get by in just keeping up what they've been doing.

But this series can turn the other way today as well. Really quick. The Bulls are not that good of a team, so expecting 'consistency' is really just asking them to be better than they are. Some players have yet to make a difference offensively, and you'd hope this isn't a game where they're needed because others couldn't keep it up. Not everyone has to be firing at all cylinders to out-score a scuffling Nets offense, but just enough have to have good games.

A 2-2 tie is still alright but then shifts pressure back on the Bulls. But...there's pressure every game. The pressure is on the team that wants to win, and that's every team every game in the playoffs. We'll see if the Nets can be effectively reactive today, or if the Bulls have solved them.