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Taj Gibson posterizes Kris Humphries

Taj does it again.

It has become pretty apparent over the last few years that Taj Gibson loves dunking on people in the playoffs. We of course all know about his two dunks against the Heat a few years ago, but Gibson added another one to his highlight reel in the Bulls' 79-76 win in Game 3 against the Nets.

With just over eight minutes to play in the second quarter and the Bulls up four, Gibson took a pass from Nate Robinson off the pick-and-roll and went hard at the bucket. Kris Humphries stepped up to challenge Gibson, which was a very, very bad idea.

Gibson - who has been battling a knee injury - looked perfectly healthy here, taking off from the bottom of the free throw circle and posterizing Humphries. Cue your Kardashian jokes.

Gibson was rather quiet the rest of the night, finishing with just four points and one rebound in 12 minutes. But this highlight alone and the victory makes it a pretty successful night for Taj.

And as a bonus, the video is from NBA TV, so you don't have to hear MyFace nonsense!