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Bulls vs. Nets final score: Bulls even up series with bounce-back game

Bruce Bennett

Well that was certainly a lot different. Who said that 1 game doesn't determine a whole series? Oh wait, everyone? Well, everyone was right.

The Bulls and Nets each looked like completely different teams than what we saw in Saturday night's playoff opener, as Chicago imposed their will in a 90-82 victory. The Nets had pathetic starts to both halves and their reliance on offensively-challenged players caught up to them over the course of the game. Though the first half did see the Nets missing some point-blank looks, it was also an improved Bulls defense that really locked down the second half, including a 3rd quarter where the Nets shot 2-19 for 11 points.

Gerald Wallace was way worse, Deron Williams was outplayed by Kirk Hinrich, and Joakim Noah provided just enough minutes on his ravaged feet, with a closing stint that was downright inspirational: several dunks, rebounds, and blocks and all while wearing the face of someone in extreme pain.

Lots more to come, but all it takes is one game to make things look like a series again.