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Bulls vs. Nets playoffs: Jimmy Butler to start at SG

the real shocker: Thibs revealed some of his gameplan!


While Joakim Noah's recuperation is an understandably bigger deal, the Bulls have also some recovering players on the wing. Both Marco Belinelli and Rip Hamilton have seen only limited action the past few weeks of the season. Neither has had consistently good performances, but that could be just because they're not that good.

What was a sort-of concern was that either would ascend back to the starting role ahead of Jimmy Butler, who's taken command of that wing spot in the wake of all those injuries. But fear not:

I'm surprised the most that Thibs didn't say it was all a gametime decision. Maybe even he can't resist the people's clamoring for all Jimmy Butler everything.

Speaking of, Bill Simmons had some glowing words about Butler in his annual trade value column today:

There's too much available cheap perimeter labor for defense and 3s. Why pay Rudy Gay $18 million when you can pay Jimmy Butler $1.5 million? Why? WHYYYYYYY?????...There isn't a better cost-effective DTA (defenses, 3s, athleticism) guy than Butler right now.

Jimmy and 3s in the same phrase, really impressive given where he started the season with his shooting stroke. He shot 14-25 (56%) from three in April, after a really good 41% in March. If these trends continue, ayyyy.