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Derrick Rose return: Possibility remains Rose returns for playoffs

he's not 'shutting it down', but we can shut down our dreams!

Mike Stobe

[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/20/13 11:39 AM CDT: Thibs with that classic subterfuge, almost getting absolutely nobody people to believe Rose would return. Just announced Rose is out game one, and "most likely" out moving forward..."but you never know"...oooh...::barf:: ]

This isn't so much to serve as an actual Derrick Rose update as it is to organize our playoff talking.

The latest update on Thursday isn't even a change: Tom Thibodeau was on SportsCenter and said while Rose "isn't ready", it's "a possibility" he returns for the playoffs. Cue eyeroll.

So for all of us who'd hope he and the team would announce a direction either way, I guess we're disappointed. Thibs won't even say until gametime if Nazr Mohammed or Marco Belinelli will start, so it's unlikely we'll ever know definitively on this. That's OK, we don't really matter. It seems the team (and in particular, Rose's teammates) is OK with it, which is what matters more.

Until they announce he's playing, I don't consider Rose part of the team. So for any playoff talk about the Bulls and Nets, mentioning Rose is just as relevant as mentioning LeBron James or Jerry Stackhouse (wait, the latter is actually going to be in this series?)

But we can discuss it here...'s still really weird, right? He sat out the whole season. I sincerely doubt that he'll (literally) jump in to a playoff atmosphere, and would question the decision to do so. If the docs say it's ok and they have a plan, then fine, but if they've been this cautious so far I doubt they stop being extra-cautious now. The team's possible success should have zero influence on the matter, just using games as the next step of his overall recovery.

Today's Daily Herald asks if the 'goodwill' is gone with Rose. I can't read it because I don't want to register, but to answer the headline: if he plays, everything is fine. Everything has been caused by him not playing, and will go away when he does (new things my arise, though!)

Also today: Sports on Earth's Will Leitch reflects on the GQ cover story he wrote about Rose before the injury, and how much of a bummer this season has been.

So leave Bulls-Nets to the actual people playing. Some of which are far less than 110%. This thread is for lamenting Rose sitting out and/or making jokes at his (any anyone's) expense.