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Eastern Conference Playoff Seedings: Bulls losing grip on number 5 seed to Hawks

this is what happens when you can't beat the Raptors!


It wasn't until the Bulls exposed the Nets as a fraud for the 4th time this season that I even considered caring about the Bulls seeding in these playoffs. I really think that by far their best chance is a 4/5 matchup against Brooklyn. Though really it still doesn't matter that much: if Noah and Gibson aren't healthy there's little to discuss when it comes to a playoff run.

But still, here's a look going into the final week:

  • The Bulls loss and Nets win Friday night clinched that the Nets will be a least #4, and thus the Bulls can't get home court advantage.
  • The Hawks also won Friday night, so they're currently 1/2 game up on the Bulls.
  • The Bulls own the tiebreaker over the Hawks

Remaining schedule:

Bulls: Sunday @ Heat | Monday @ Magic | Wednesday vs. Wizards

Hawks: Tuesday vs. Raptors| Wednesday @ Knicks

Again, if the Bulls merely can stay tied with Atlanta, they're the number 5 seed.

If they fall to 6th, it's a very likely playoff date with the 3-seed Indiana Pacers, who have a two game lead over Brooklyn with each having three games remaining. The Pacers have technically a harder schedule, but who can really tell with all the tanking and resting going on around the league in this final week.