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Bulls vs. Raptors: 2012-13 Open Game Thread #79


Getting this one up a bit early since there's no preview and gametime is 6pm Central (televised on THE U).

Also haven't seen an injury update. Given that the Bulls played less than an hour ago, there is probably not going to be any such update until pre-game warmups. Or right when the starters are announced, knowing Thibs.

For the Raptors, Jonas Valanciunas is out after suffering that bizarre whiplash/neck injury at the end of their win over the Bulls on Tuesday (the last time the Raptors played). For more, see our pals at Raptors HQ.

Was about to dive in to a 'knowing the Bulls...' type of conclusion when it comes to predicting what will happen tonight, but: I think we've learned that the Bulls can't really be figured out.