Watched Mirotic playing in the Euroleague playoffs

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1st half: Wasn’t very aggressive and his teammates weren’t really looking for him. Got blocked badly on a couple of lazy penetrations. Didn’t have much of a role on defense since the opposing team was pretty bad. Second half was a different story.

2nd half: He was fed the ball in the post and behind the 3 point line on the left wing. I tell ya, he’s skilled. He already had an excellent pump-fake dribble-drive, but what’s amazing about it is that he did it exclusively left-handed all half. His touch is ridiculous. He handles the ball like a guard and he’s surprisingly explosive. That’s where the Gallo comparisons come in.

Oh, and he was 2-2 from 3 and made them look so easy. That’s where the Dirk comparisons come in. His release point isn’t as high, but the trigger was pretty quick and the shot is as smooth as silk. The way he shoots it looks like everything is going to go in.

At this point he cannot guard an NBA 4. Even though he showed strength on offense he’ll likely get bullied on the defensive end. He’s going to struggle with rotations at first (had a couple of Carlos Boozer-style ole defensive plays) but he certainly doesn’t seem shy about effort and he’ll get in the paint.

I don’t think he had many rebounds, but for the most part it just seemed like the bounces weren’t going his way. The best thing he can do before 2014 is get stronger (which will come since he’s still young) and work on his defensive footwork. Offensively… he’s damn near there already. I know everyone assumes that Taj will start at the 4 and Mirotic will come in as his back-up, but all evidence of Tibs’ coaching style says different. He likes to have shooters in the starting line-up and if we’re replacing Boozer’s production then Mirotic will slide right in. If he doesn’t look completely lost on defense then I think he can earn the starting spot. Tibs loves defensive specialists off the bench so that’s where I think Taj will stay. But I think he will share minutes with Mirotic at the 4 and likely will average more minutes per game than Mirotic.

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