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Joakim Noah injury: Foot 'swelled up pretty bad,' should he shut it down until playoffs?

That dastardly plantar fasciitis has not gone away for Joakim Noah, so should he shut it down until the playoffs?


The Bulls have tried to play it safe with the plantar fasciitis in Joakim Noah's right foot, holding him out a couple of weeks and then bringing him back on a minutes limit Sunday against the Pistons. Noah played well against Detroit, but suffered a setback and missed Tuesday's loss to the Raptors.

Noah has tried several different therapy options for the injury, including platelet rich plasma injections, sleeping in a split and most recently, a cortisone shot. It's apparent that this thing is never going to fully heal this season, but the Bulls' center is going to try and do whatever he can to get back out there, even if it's really bugging him right now (via the Chicago Tribune):

"It's not great," Noah said. "It's frustrating. I felt pretty good to try it on Sunday (against the Pistons) but it swelled up on me pretty bad. But I'm confident I'll be out there when it gets hot."

With the plantar fasciitis not going away, the question then becomes whether Noah should shut it down until the postseason in order to reduce the soreness as much as possible. Nick Friedell jumped on the "shut down Jo" bandwagon this morning, saying that these last five games really don't mean much, and that getting a relatively healthy Noah back is of the utmost importance if the Bulls want to have any type of postseason success.

Tom Thibodeau said he "didn't want to go there" when asked about shutting Noah down, but I think I'm with Friedell on this one. Perhaps it would be nice to get Noah back out there in the last game or two just so he could try and regain a little rhythm before the playoffs, but I'm not sure how necessary that would be. Plus, Noah will likely try and play through the injury in the playoffs no matter what, so might as well give him the best chance at being somewhat healthy by resting him.

Speaking of big man injuries, the Knicks are going to have literally no big men on Thursday as Tyson Chandler, Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby are likely all out. So Carlos Boozer, your table is ready.