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Derrick Rose return: KC Johnson now predicts Rose to sit out season

just a prediction! which we hate. But he may know something. Maybe.

Jonathan Daniel

UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 03/07/13 9:36 AM CST: CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam was on Mully/Hanley this morning and pretty much said the same thing: if he had to ‘bet', Derrick sits out. And that Rose's comments to Aldridge reiterate that he wants to be as close to the old Rose as he can be before coming back.


Now, the Rose prediction business is a terrible one. Nobody really knows. The Bulls themselves are trying their damnedest not to say anything, only to have egg on their face when Rose says something himself.

But all that said, a KC Johnson prediction seems more noteworthy because he may actually know something. Or at least more than us. Or maybe not. At the very least, this blog necessitates a Derrick Rose front-page update fairly frequently.

Anyway, the Bulls most plugged-in beat writer was on Mully and Hanley this morning, and was asked about Thibs calling the Rose situation (or Rose himself?) "day to day". KC wasn't in San Antonio for the quote, but based on what he heard, hereiterated Nick Friedell's impression of it, and said he didn't think Thibs was 'upgrading' Rose's situation nor was anything 'imminent'. He then said that while the decision will have a lot of input from many parties, he hasn't heard that the doctors have signed off on anything yet.

Now the more buzz-y bit, where Mully references David Aldridge's report from the TNT game last Thursday:

Mike Mulligan: Derrick Rose talked to David Aldridge last Thursday, and Rose said he's "not quite able to go to his right without feeling a pinch in his knee", and thus would have trouble defending someone going to his left. "I'm not afraid to fail", according to Derrick, but he reiterates he won't be back until he's 100%.

KC Johnson: That's consistent to what he told us in Boston, in that his knee isn't totally right. It wasn't as specific in terms of a specific ‘cut', but it's consistent. He's making these comments [to Aldridge] a couple weeks after, and that means it's still an issue. If you're asking me for my prediction, I originally predicted mid-march (10 months), but given his comments to USA Today, to the beat writers, and now to David Aldridge, I'm predicting that he's not going to play this season. I hope I'm wrong and I know Bulls fans hope I'm wrong , and I've been wrong many times before, but it just seems like this is a guy who is kind of preparing himself to have another offseason of work, and come back next season.

Emphasis mine, because that's how you things more clearly in the middle of a block of text.