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Chicago Bulls injury report: Hamilton out, Hinrich likely out, Boozer unavailable?

No real progress, and maybe an unexpected missing Bull.

"I'm going to have to play how much?"
"I'm going to have to play how much?"

What is left of the Bulls practiced today in San Antonio. Here's the latest on the injuries from the Tribune's Vaughn McClure:

Kirk Hinrich strolled around in a walking boot before practice as he continues to experience soreness in his right foot.

Although coach Tom Thibodeau called Hinrich’s status "day to day," the outlook for the veteran playing against the Spurs on Wednesday night looks bleak.


Richard Hamilton did not make the trip to San Antonio as he continues to deal with a back injury, Taj Gibson is day to day with a sprained MCL and Nate Robinson is dealing with sore ribs.

The guess is that Taj is out, since his 2-week injury was only a week and a half ago. Though he seems the type to jeopardize his season out of insane competitiveness and damned if anyone on this team would stop him for his own best interests be a fast healer. No mention of Luol Deng or Joakim Noah, though we know they're hurting too. Aren't we all. Or maybe just emotionally?

[also, I like the idea of Kirk Hinrich just 'strolling around', knowing he can avoid another good team to pad his 'team stats' for when he actually does play again. Sneaky bastard. (no, I understand Kirk isn't actually ducking good teams)]

Carlos Boozer didn't travel to San Antonio with the team today. Word is the reason isn't believed to be injury-related. Maybe we'll get an update, or maybe we won't! [update: we did - personal reasons and he's expected to play tomorrow]

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