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Derrick Rose return: Rose returns to bench to see Pacers game


[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 03/05/13 1:27 PM CST: I refuse to make this a separate post, but technically Thibs did call Rose 'day-to-day' on Tuesday. That's a first. Jokes ensued because screw Thibs. ]

For the first time all season, Derrick Rose was courtside with his teammates during their impressive but just-short effort against the Pacers.

Predictably, Thibs effectively said "nothing to see, here!"

But ultimately, both Rose and coach Tom Thibodeau downplayed any significance to Rose's decision and said it may not occur regularly.

Coach Tom Thibodeau said Rose hadn’t been on the bench previously because during games, “he’s been working in back. He might not even be out there all the time.”

As the sly commenter juiceboxjerry noted, this could mean that Rose's return may not be imminent at all if Thibs is referencing future games where he's in a suit (or not). Thibs is also a liar, so remember that.

That said, this appears to be yet another step. I think!

From the gamethread, we did all get to see this 'look' from Derrick Rose as the game ended. Though it kind of looked like his other looks.