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Bulls vs. Timberwolves highlights: dunking their way towards the stretch run?

playing bad teams can be fun

The Bulls provided some honest-to-goodness highlights in their game against the Timberwolves Sunday night.

Marks of a fun Bulls time out:

  • Rebounds - Bulls were over 43% in offensive rebounding rate, and held the TWolves at under 16%. Good to see the Bulls exhibiting their classic strengths especially without Joakim Noah to help. Probably means a lot that a superlative rebounder from the wing like Jimmy Butler played 44 minutes instead of Marco Belinelli (a really bad rebounder).
  • Threes - such a rare beautiful thing on this team when they hit 10 threes. Butler(!), Deng, and Hinrich had two each, and Nate had four.
  • Lobs/Dunks - Nate threw a very nice lob to end the second quarter to Gibson. He threw a less-good one to Butler later, but they scored anyway, and lobs are fun (and the Bulls are historically inept at them) so keep lobbing Nate. And Gibson is such a difference when he's on the floor, it starts by just not being Boozer, but the man tries to dunk a lot and do so with authority, so that's good.
  • Mute button - the issue with the Bulls doing good things is that it makes Neil and Stacey happy, and thus insufferable. But if you're just cheering to yourself in a lonely room, only you and maybe your mom upstairs can share in the joy, and you don't have to guess which opponent Neil will shit on when Stacey takes a breath during his catchphrasing.

We've been seeing some bad basketball for a while out of this team, but they still clump together a few wins once in a while to keep competitive in the ultra-shitty East. But it's even better when they actually provide entertainment, too.

And it's possible we see a lot more of it this stretch run. After the Heat game on Wednesday, the Bulls have a really easy schedule the rest of the way. It may be better-judged on a night-by-night basis, but bad teams are especially vulnerable to the Bulls effort-game this late in a season where either their front office is tanking, the players are eager to start their summers, or both.

So with 2 games each remaining against the Pistons, Magic, Wizards, and Raptors, hopefully there are a lot more highlights to come. Just not so many to where they trick us into thinking they're good again. Unless they are? Damnit, they're not. Can't be. Unless...nah.

OK, lets just say we can't talk about them being good unless players come back. But they can be fun.