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Bulls vs. Kings final score: Bulls blown out by 42 in Sacramento



The Bulls were completely demolished late Wednesday night. Against one of the worst teams in the league, who have the 2nd-worst ranked defense. The Bulls put up 79 points to the Kings 121.

Things started to turn for the worst near the end of the first quarter, when the Kings had 23 points in the final 6 minutes, including back-to-back 3 point plays to end it at the buzzer.

Then it just got even more silly from there.

The Bulls were again without 4 rotation players, and 'more than enough to win' is just a running joke at this point. The defensive system just can't sustain when it's being manned in the starting lineup by Robinson, Belinelli, and Boozer. And Vlad Radmanovic is coming off the bench. They were all torched in this game, as Sacramento does have some talented guards who really feasted on some slow perimeter defense (and this included Deng taking his shot at Tyreke Evans, who was a spectacular 11-13 for 26 points). The Kings shot 54% overall and was 9-23 from three, several of which came in the 2nd and 3rd quarters at times one maybe thought the Bulls would make a run again. The Kings could just run on the Bulls whenever they wanted, and spread them apart in the half-court.

Carlos Boozer had 21 points on 12 shots, and was the only thing going for the early part of this game. But we know that even at his offensive best he's giving most of it back on D, and while Patrick Patterson didn't quite match him he put up enough (14 on 7 shots) to hold his own. Patterson was starting in the place of the injured DeMarcus Cousins. That could be seen as another mark towards the Bulls patheticness on this game, but I think it may have actually benefited the Kings not to have him out there. I've been told many times in my life it helps to get away from an asshole once in a while (wait a minute...). Cole Aldrich received a lot of first-half playing time as well, and even he joined in on the fun with a couple of empathic dunks in transition.

There was nothing much else going for the Bulls offensively outside the aforementioned Boozer and some Nate Robinson things (seemingly playing in his own world out there). Belinelli, Butler, and Cook combined for 6-31 (1-14 from three). Tough to come back when you can't shoot the shot that makes more points than the normal shots.

It was a complete destruction that showed a lack of effort but also a beaten-down team. They've been resilient all season, but ultimately are missing too many guys with the ones remaining beaten down from the long season they've already had. Things won't always be this bad, and nothing for this season's really changed because of it, but it's hard to see them getting 40 points better until some players return.