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Derrick Rose return: hamstring issues keeping Rose from return to the court

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Another Bulls game on national TV means another word (or a few) from Derrick Rose on his recovery:

ESPN's Doris Burke spoke with the former MVP before Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers and reported that although Rose has been taking full contact in practice for well over a month, his hamstrings are "on fire" after those workouts. Rose added that he won't return to the court until he's past those issues.

This can be interpreted to be 'in response' to last week's report that Rose has been cleared medically to play, if you are behind the theory that said report was a way for the Bulls organization to put some light pressure on Rose.

Though there were reports of consternation between both sides over the weekend, right now the Bulls aren't going public with any such sentiment and have stood behind their player determining when is the right time to come back. But reading between the lines gives the impression that there's a difference in opinion in how valuable regular season games are to the recovery process.