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Nate Robinson named Eastern Conference Player of the Week


Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So this is something I definitely never anticipated when the Bulls signed Nate Robinson:

I'm not really sure whether this just shows how much the East sucks or what, but this is pretty hilarious and awesome for Nate. As mentioned in the tweet, Little Nathan averaged 17.8 points in four games last week, with three of those being Bulls victories. He shot 49.1 percent overall on the week and 52.9 percent from three. Toss in 6.8 assists per game and you have one hell of a little week for a guy making the minimum.

Nate started the last two of those games against the Nets and Hawks, and held his own very well against the likes of Deron Williams and Jeff Teague. But his best game of the week was against the Bucks on Wednesday, when Nate torched Brandon Jennings to the tune of 24 points on 9-of-11 shooting. And of course, Nate also got into Jennings' head, which resulted in the Bucks' point guard's ejection.

Nate has been pretty awesome going on a month now, and if he can keep this up, could be a huge weapon off the bench down the stretch and in the playoffs. He still takes some mind-blowingly stupid shots and can certainly still lose the Bulls games, but there's been way more Good Nate than Bad Nate of late.