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Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Some hoops early afternoon, then commercial watching and face-stuffing

wait, the Bears aren't in it?
wait, the Bears aren't in it?
Rob Grabowski - USAToday

Eh, why not spend your Super Bowl Sunday at BlogABull. You can talk about the latest injuries and maybe get into a shouting match over minutes management. Or wonder if Jimmy Butler would be a great WR, or the greatest WR of all time. Marvel at how boring football is, yet feel strangely compelled to watch and drink domestic beer while doing so. Imagine if the game was called by Neil and Stacey. All sorts of things.

There's some NBA on this afternoon as well, Celtics-Clippers are underway on NBATV. That probably won't have a ton of energy. Are we still rooting against the Celtics or is it too sad? I think I will continue until their fans submit and/or weep.

Tom Ziller at SactownRoyalty did some handy work in pimping SBNation's Super Bowl Coverage today. That follows below. Enjoy the non-official holiday.

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