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Bulls vs. Bobcats final score: Bulls win in 105-75 cakewalk

After getting walloped by the Heat, the Bulls laid a smackdown of their own on the hapless Bobcats.


What's the best remedy for getting back on track after a vomit-inducing performance? Why, it's Michael Jordan's Bobcats of course, and they were quite the medicine for a Bulls team hurting from the spanking delivered to them by the Heat on Thursday night. The Bulls made quick work of the Bobcats, dominating from the start and running away to a 105-75 victory.

I kind of figured this was coming after the Heat debacle, as the Bulls usually play well after a loss and the Bobcats are truly god-awful. Sure, the Bulls minus Kirk Hinrich (out again with that feisty elbow) lost to this Bobcats team earlier this year, but they are simply too good a team to let that happen again. Especially after getting humbled by the Heat.

The Bulls controlled both ends of the floor, shooting 50.6 percent and holding the Bobcats to 33.3 percent. The offense was in a much better rhythm than last night, as the Bulls racked up 37 assists on 42 field goals and only turned it over six times. They also dominated in the paint, winning that battle 52-34. Funny how all this happens when you're playing the Bobcats instead of the Heat, right?

Scoring was extremely balanced for the Bulls, with eight players reaching double figures. Taj Gibson led the way off the bench with 17 points, while Joakim Noah flirted with yet another triple-double, racking up 10 points, eight rebounds and eight assists (almost identical to his line from last night). Even Luol Deng hit a couple of jumpers, a rare sight these days.

The only disappointing thing about this one was the fact that there was no Tyrus Thomas or Ben Gordon (disappointing for different reasons). Both players have been banished to the hell known as Mike Dunlap's doghouse, and probably for good reason. Tyrus sucks and Ben got into it with Dunlap in practice last week, so the Bobcats' headmaster has simply decided there's no reason to play them anymore. It's a shame it has come to this with Gordon, whose scoring ability really could be useful on a good team. The Bobcats tried to move him before the deadline, but there were no takers for his bloated contract. So now he gets to rot on the bench.

Anyway, Bulls needed this one, because the Thunder are coming up next on Sunday. The defending West champs have struggled of late, but they are obviously still one of the best teams in the league. Considering what happened in OKC last year without Derrick Rose, things could very well get out of hand.