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Chicago Bulls trade deadline: Rip Hamilton, Carlos Boozer, JJ Redick, or nothing?

the most wonderful time of the year...


Hey gang. Lets use this as our trade deadline discussion thread. If the Bulls actually pop up in something I'll adjust.

Nothing new going on from the Bulls perspective beyond what we've already heard this week with Rip Hamilton and the Bulls desire to avoid the luxury tax.

There had been mention of Chicago in the mix for JJ Redick. The latest from Chris Broussard (I know...) doesn't include the Bulls, though Woj says the Magic do have 1st rounder lined up for him 'in the 20s', which theoretically would include the Bulls.

And while this player hadn't been linked to the Bulls, Jermaine O'Neal would certainly be useful, and he possibly will be bought out by Phoenix. Unfortunately the Bulls can't even sign him to the minimum right now due to being up against the hard cap. They could if they deal Rip Hamilton though, of course...

For all the latest rumors: check out the SBNation section. We're made for days like this.

If you want to say 'well, Derrick Rose is our acquisition!': He's reportedly (heh) looking good, but talk about it here.