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Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Bulls have 'gotten plenty of inquiries' for Rip Hamilton

though I'm guessing they really want a pick...


Sean Deaveny of the Sporting News:

Chicago has toyed with trading Hamilton for a while now, because the team does not want to pay the new, very prohibitive luxury tax, not when it appears Derrick Rose probably won't be back in time to be effective this year.

Having failed to find a suitable Boozer deal, the Bulls are now looking to send Richard Hamilton somewhere, anywhere.

Hamilton is still effective-he is averaging 10.7 points on 43.5 percent shooting-but he is 35 years old and is being paid $5 million this year. He can be had by any team that has the cap room or trade exceptions to absorb his contract, and the Bulls have gotten plenty of inquiries, most notably from the Houston Rockets.

This certainly falls into what was the likely story of the deadline: avoiding the tax.

[Also falls in with the bullshit reasoning of a repeater clock and suddenly knowing more about Derrick Rose's return]

Anywho, what separates this report from others:

  • the Bulls preferred a Boozer deal, which seems hard to believe.
  • they've actually received interest for Hamilton, which is also hard to believe.

I swiped this report from our pals at The Dream Shake, and they're salivating at the idea. Not receiving Rip for nothing (they are under the cap and can do as such, but also getting an asset on the level of a first-rounder or the rights to Mirotic.

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 2pm central, so we'll see if the Bulls wind up paying that price to get under the tax. I hope not, but there also doesn't seem to be a way a team will just take Hamilton on his masked face.