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Kirk Hinrich injury: Bulls PG out at least a week after getting elbow 'cleaned out'

Kirk Hinrich will be out at least a week after having some work done on his injured right elbow. Trying too hard has its perils.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

No game preview today for the Hawks, but there's an update on Kirk Hinrich, who flew back to Chicago yesterday to be reexamined by Dr. Brian Cole after his right elbow injury flared up again. Per the beat guys, Hinrich will probably be out at least a week after having his elbow "cleaned out."

Hinrich popped the bursa sac in his elbow last month and had to miss some time, and it appears there may have been some sort of infection that required a procedure. Hinrich has missed a bunch of games here and there this season with a variety of injuries, but this is the first extended time he will miss. Something tells me it won't be the last, which figures because Kirk had finally started to play a little better. Of course, the Bulls should have known what they were getting themselves into by signing their prodigal son back, but alas.

As for the other injuries, Carlos Boozer is testing his sore hamstring in warmups and Joakim Noah is definitely out with his bout of plantar fasciitis. If Boozer sits again (which he may as well), pray for Luol Deng and Taj Gibson. In good news (I guess), Zaza Pachulia is out for the Hawks.

UPDATE: No Boozer. Here are the starters from The Swirsk: