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Kirk Hinrich to return Tuesday vs. Hornets, Derrick Rose does 'a little' 5-on-5

Kirk Hinrich will make his triumphant return to the lineup on Tuesday against the Hornets. Oh, and Derrick Rose supposedly did some real 5-on-5 work on Monday.


Well it appears that Kirk Hinrich has finally crawled out of that well he fell into. From the Chicago Tribune's Vaughn McClure:

As much as we like to rag on Kirk around here, the Bulls really do need him back. Since he went out with the elbow infection or whatever the hell it was, the Bulls have gone just 2-5, sporting an offensive rating of 99.1 and defensive rating of 108.2 per There are certainly other factors to that awfulness besides just Hinrich being out (Joakim Noah and Luol Deng battling injuries and tougher competition to name a few), but the team has generally run a bit smoother with Kirk in the lineup. And as much as I enjoy Nate Robinson going ham from time to time, he's just not cut out to be a long-term starting point guard.

As for that OTHER point guard, apparently Derrick Rose did some 5-on-5 work in practice, which was expected based on John Paxson's comments before the break. ESPN Chicago's Jon Greenberg with the "update":

Who knows what the hell this means. We all know Thibs is full of crap, but this is a positive nonetheless.