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Bulls vs. Nets game preview: Brooklyn Without Limits

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 02/01/13 3:55 PM CST:

breaking injury news, the expected stopping of the Kirk Hinrich injury wheel just landed...back...on his elbow. Per Aggrey Sam of CSNChicago, Kirk was flown back to Chicago. The Bulls immediately announced that their handsome doctor will see what's what, which could mean it's something serious. Hinrich originally injured that elbow (not the other one, that was different!) earlier in January and missed a game where Brandon Jennings ran wild. Nate's been pretty great since then, but the Bulls have shown to miss the Mopey Iowan this season.

Sam also reports that Joakim Noah may also be out with (possibly) plantar fasciitis. He's not officially out yet, but that could be an even more significant injury.]

[Thanks to boyonthedock for today's game preview. Just posted many more openings if you're interested in doing a game preview. And if you're interested in going to the actual games, use our partners if you want Chicago Bulls Tickets.

Early start tonight, 6:30pm central on CSNChicago -yfbb]

Like the rest of you, I am still in the midst of mourning 30 Rock today. Luckily, the Bulls are traveling to the Van Beardswick section of Brooklyn to take on the New York Netropolitans tonight, so there is ample opportunity to remember the fine show that took place in our nation's capital. Jimmy Butler is reportedly "ready to play."

The Netters have been playing fairly ok lately, going 6-4 in their last 10, but they are coming off a 20 point whuppin' at the hands of the hated Heat. James, Wade and Bosh basically sat out on the bench long before the final buzzer, and the Nets will try to regroup or whatever. Maybe they'll quit. Though probably not.

So guess what, Brook Lopez is apparently a good player now? He's pulling down 18 and 7 a game, and made his first all star team, so good for him. He's still a pretty weak ass rebounder, but Reggie Evans and Humphries have been on monsters on the boards, allowing a bit of slack for the Big fella. So I guess Noah should guard him or something. I think that would help. Reggie Evans is interesting because he almost doesn't do anything other than rebound. 3.2 points on 2 shots a game, 8.8 boards, and then less than 1 each of steals, assists, and blocks. A true specialist. Maybe he's good at defense or something.

Their Medium-3 of Wallace, Williams, and Johnson are all slightly inefficient scorers, chucking the ball up there at a rate of .495% eFG%, which is not great but it won't kill you. The Bulls barrage of wing defenders should not be too taxed by this group, unless crazy 3s start dropping at alarming rates.

We got some former Bulls putzing around on the Nets too! Keith Bogans has 16 starts this year, so, lol. He shoots almost nothing but threes, and plays 18 minutes a game, so standard issue Bogans. CJ has not been as good as he was last year, but I'd still prefer him to Kirk.

They got a lot of notable NBA guys on the team too. Jerry Stackhouse's old ass is still out there, getting as many DNP-CDs as games played. Javale Mcgee's other half Andray Blatche is doing Blatche things off the bench for them. Tyshawn Taylor, former Marquette commit, does not get many minutes, but I just want everyone to think how good Marquette's TT led teams would have been, if Crean hadn't left causing TT to decommit. Maybe too good to let Jimmy slip to pick 30. MarShon Brooks is out there not doing much of anything after narrowly dodging a trip to Orlando. Mirza Teletovic is a big foreign dude who plays a little and not particularly well.

I can't tell if I think this team should be better or worse than it is. They fired Avery Johnson, a guy I remember I wanted the Bulls to sign when I had no idea what I was talking about. P.J. Carlesimo seems to be doing pretty good with his group of guys. Lopez and Johnson are playing pretty well. and Williams has got to start doing better sooner or later. They got some hustle guys in Humphries, Evans, Wallace, Bogans and Watson, OK I guess a lot of hustle guys.

Boozer is a game time decision, so we shall see how that goes, but Jimmy Butler is cleared to play so that means the Bulls will win. Check out Nets Daily to see how they feel about Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler.