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Marquis Teague sent to the D-League, for real this time

The Iowa Energy have themselves a new point guard.

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls are again doing what they tried to do three weeks ago, sending point guard Marquis Teague to the D-League. With Kirk Hinrich (temporarily!) healthy and recent signing D.J. Augustin playing reasonably well, the Bulls have enough at the point to give the 20-year-old Teague the seasoning he needs. Teague will be sent to the Iowa Energy, the D-League affiliate the Bulls share with four other teams.

Teague had 10 appearances in December, combined with two DNPs. He averaged 14.7 minutes a game across those appearances, but didn't do much to give the Bulls more confidence in him. Teague averaged 3.1 points per game on 28.6 shooting from the field, adding just 1.9 assists per game.

As we detailed earlier this month the first time Teague was sent down to Iowa, this is the best move for all parties involved. Teague doesn't turn legal drinking age until the end of February, so it's way too soon to write him off entirely. With that being said, he simply hasn't shown the ability to hang at the NBA level yet. That's fine, there's still plenty of time left in his pro career. But as of right now, a trip to Iowa seems like a no-brainer move.