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Joakim Noah isn't welcome in Thunder locker room, says Kendrick Perkins' scowling face

Perkins is, and always will be, the worst.


Following the Bulls' 107-95 loss to the Thunder on Thursday night, former chums Joakim Noah and Thabo Sefolosha just wanted to have a little bro-time together. Noah and the Bulls welcomed Sefolosha into the visiting locker room, which is something the Bulls do quite a bit when they play against former Bulls, according to CSN Chicago's Aggrey Sam. For example, Ronnie Brewer also hit up the Bulls' locker room Wednesday night in Houston.

Sefolosha wanted to return the favor, so he invited Noah back to the Thunder locker room. This apparently was a mistake. Big, bad (emphasis on bad, as in really shitty at basketball) Kendrick Perkins took offense to Noah's presence in the locker room, leading to this exchange of words:

First off, Noah's reaction to Perkins' douchebaggery is pretty hilarious, especially after he's told to get out. "Aight" is just about the perfect Jo response to that.

Second, screw Kendrick Perkins and his mean-mugging arse. I'm sure somebody will have a #HotSportsTake about how this incident demonstrates Perkins' leadership or some nonsense, but me, I'm going to call him a no-talent buffoon who drags OKC down. This is true by the way, as the Thunder are 9.1 points per 100 possessions worse offensively with Perkins on the court despite the fact he starts halves with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. So again, Perkins can bite me. Who wouldn't want to hang out with a chill dude like Joakim Noah?

Noah and Perkins nearly got into it again as the Bulls were heading to the team bus, with Jo turning up the animation. But team security was there, so the situation didn't escalate further. Shame, because Noah going after Perkins would have been kind of awesome (also dumb, but whatever).