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Derrick Rose injury: the "Team Rose" vs. the Org. feud


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I think we usually do a good job of qualifying and contextualizing rumors based on their source. Some we don't even acknowledge, but to me WSCR's Dan Bernstein isn't quite that unreliable: I don't doubt he has sources within the Org. They're probably very biased (as is Bernstein himself) in favor of the Org., but his 'reports' are worth considering.

Especially if they are as juicy as this. Bernstein has gone in on 'Team Rose' before, most significantly during the months last season where Derrick Rose was practicing but hadn't yet returned. Bernstein turns it up further in the wake of a weekend report by Mitch Lawrence (who is similarly tangential to the usual Bulls reporters while seemingly having Rose stuff once in a while) saying that Rose has been "telling confidantes" he wants no part of the Bulls losing players this offseason and ' rebuilding'.

That my be flimsy in and of itself, though it would fit what's been said from Rose's team before. I'm not sure if that's the only reason Bernstein has followed up with the following scathing remarks on Rose and his 'team', but here they were today, including from a source!:

It doesn’t help anything that Rose is not among the brightest bulbs, and that he still lives in an insular camp of cronies that is too often at odds with his team...his uneducated oaf of an older brother remains the empowered svengali.

Reggie Rose is a clown...Bulls officials have become increasingly frustrated by continued communication problems with Rose due to Reggie’s invasive influence, with one source telling WSCR "It’s like talking to a wall."

Another problem is the presence of BJ Armstrong as part of Rose’s group as one of his agents. Armstrong’s personal bitterness toward Paxson and the Bulls runs long and deep: he’s still angry that he didn’t get the chance to replace Jerry Krause as GM and Paxson did, and the two former teammates are not on speaking terms.

The rest of it is basically calling Rose a dumb-dumb, which while amusing at times ("[Rose] is quiet not because he is naturally self-effacing, but because he is bad at talking") is potentially distracting from the awesome side-show (if hyperbolic, or even imagined!) that is: The Bulls vs. Team Rose.

Maybe the best part of all of this is that it can be entertaining yet ultimately inconsequential. Derrick Rose does not have an early opt-out in his contract, so he really has no leverage as to how the Bulls try to re-tool in the coming months. Come to think of it, that kinda wasn't too smart of a move on his part, was it...