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Bulls vs. Magic: blown layups may have Thibodeau losing his mind

Thibs's post-game quote on Monday was so weird it bears watching.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Luol Deng missed a layup that would've tied the game last night, and it was emblematic of the Bulls terribleness against Orlando. The Bulls shot 10/29 in the restricted area against an Orlando team bereft of shotblockers, and that's not even including the several and-one possibilities the Bulls blew on their way to the line for 26 FTAs in that game.

As a result, Tom Thibodeau may finally be losing it. From Jon Greenberg's column:

It's my job is to make sure we're ready to make our layups. We obviously have to work harder in practice on taking layups and making layups and doing them at a game-like speed. So I'm going to put more into that. That part is on me.


I thought it was an exaggerated bit before I heard the quote on the radio this morning. Greenberg insists Thibs was being earnest, if sociopathically so. Which is interesting, since Thibs is indeed usually steadfastly reticent to criticize his players to the media, and without context this quote seems Scott Skilesian in it's passive-aggressiveness.

Thibs's team is really bad right now, so maybe cracks are finally showing. I still don't see a team that's lost their fight, just have terrible terrible guard play. But the cause doesn't matter much if the losses keep piling up. Monday night should've been a break on the schedule for them: at home, against a bad team who played the night prior. Now they have two back-to-back road games against the Rockets and Thunder. And not a lot of time for layup practice.