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Bulls rumors: Chicago a 'strong frontrunner' to sign D.J. Augustin, per report

There are actually multiple teams in the running?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 12/12/13 8:55 AM CST: sounds more definitive now, he'll sign and possibly be available Friday. ]

With Derrick Rose allegedly out for the season, the Bulls' point guard situation can only be described as sad. Kirk Hinrich is shooting 36 percent from the field, while both Marquis Teague and Mike James have negative PERs.

With this in mind, the Bulls are in the market for some help at the position. I'm not sure how much the recently waived D.J. Augustin would really improve the situation, but apparently the Bulls want to find out:

Augustin was actually somewhat of a useful NBA player as recent as the 2011-12 season with the Charlotte Bobcats. That season, he averaged 11.1 points and 6.4 assists in 29.3 minutes per game. He shot a Hinrich-esque 37.6 percent overall and 34.1 percent from three, but he wasn't a complete dumpster fire (though the Bobcats as a team were).

However, the last two seasons have been pretty woeful for Augustin. He was a part of that dreadful Pacers bench last season, and he was essentially useless this season in Toronto. In 10 games played with the Raptors, Augustin averaged 2.1 points and 1.0 assists while shooting 29.2 percent overall and 9.1 percent from three in 8.2 minutes per game. But at least he had a positive PER!

It would be interesting to see what a prospective Augustin signing would mean for the point guard rotation. James is set to return to the lineup Tuesday night against the Bucks after recovering from a minor knee sprain, but it's unclear whether he'll return to the backup point guard spot or if Teague's 10-point performance against the Pistons earned the youngster that spot back. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune speculates Teague will get the nod because James might not be completely ready to go, and in my world, Teague should play over James regardless as long as he's not a complete train wreck out there. As bad as Teague has been, James has been just as bad if not worse. To illustrate this, James has as many points and assists combined as fouls this season and has made just one basket in 34 minutes. So yeah.

But if Augustin is brought in, does he automatically jump Teague and James in the rotation? It's not like Augustin has done much to earn minutes, so perhaps it wouldn't be right away, if at all. In any case, it probably can't hurt to get another body in there.

While James will be available Tuesday, Tom Thibodeau announced that both Luol Deng (Achilles) and Jimmy Butler (turf toe) are out. This development should come as no surprise, and although Thibs wouldn't reveal his starting lineup, it's likely that Taj Gibson will get the start at the 3 against Khris Middleton.

The Bucks are really banged up as well and are one of the two worst teams in the league, so the Bulls really should win this one regardless. Then again, the Bulls did lose to an awful Jazz team, so I wouldn't put anything past these guys at this point.