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Bulls offense breakdown: execution and spacing are fixable problems

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jay showed the poor results we've seen in the Bulls first few games this season, a lot of which can be attributed to Derrick Rose's slow climb back to superstardom, and some poor perimeter shooting.

A couple of fine reads are available today that delves into the process that's getting some of these results, from smart guys at NBA Couchside (our pal 'fundamentallysound') and Bleacher Report ('Hickory High').

They each have picture+video breakdowns of some Bulls sets so far. A lot of it as ugly, especially seeing the contested clanks.

Some takeaways:

  1. Some of these contested shots are due to poor spacing
  2. My word, some of these entry passes.
  3. They've been emphasizing getting inside more, and that appears to be coming to fruition
  4. The FTAs have been low but you'd think (hope) that evens out

There's nothing that can't be fixed, if anything the Bulls are usually disciplined. I encourage you to check both of these out.