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Bulls vs. Jazz: Bulls see what real tanking looks like

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

[Thanks to BigSmooveDucky for today's game preview. I have a feeling there will be less enthusiasm for signups this season now...but I hope not! -yfbb]

Things have just gone from bad to apocalyptic over the last 4 days. Derrick Rose suffered a torn meniscus in their 95-98 loss in Portland in game 2 of the annual Circus Trip. Then, the Roseless-Bulls suffered a near 40 point blowout yesterday afternoon against the Clippers. And now, the team and us fans have been hit with the news that Derrick will miss what is basically a second consecutive season of NBA basketball after his surgery to repair his MCL. There isn't much time for grieving, as the Bulls have to suit up to play the Utah Jazz tonight.

It's been tough to be optimistic for many of us, so I can only imagine how much harder it has been for the team and the coaching staff. A loss like yesterday's is tough to bounce back from in any situation, but knowing that your teams best player is out for the rest of the season has to be demoralizing. The injury bug has hit the Bulls early and hard this season: Joakim Noah only played one preseason game due to a groin issue, Kirk Hinrich missed some early time with a concussion, Jimmy Butler is out with turf toe, and then the BIG ONE. Injuries do matter, but this is a team of guys that always compete no matter the odds, and Utah is not a very good team. Through fifteen games, the Jazz have averaged just 88.5 points a game while giving up 100.3 points per game. The Bulls aren't very efficient offensively, but their defense should keep them in this one.

This game is going to be a true test of heart. This game could go one of three ways:

1) The Bulls execute, hitting their shots and making their defense a nightmare for Gordon Hayward and the rest of the Jazz.

2) The Bulls look horrible, play horrible, and get lucky Utah just played worse.

3) The Bulls look horrible, play horrible, and lose horribly.

The season is still early, and there is no time nor reason for them to feel sorry for themselves, because no one else will. We all need to stop looking in the past and focus on moving forward. This is a long season, and there is basketball to be played. Ball in.

Tip-off is at 8:00PM CT, WGN-TV/NBA TV and ESPN 1000AM