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Derrick Rose injury: Bulls star out for remainder of year after surgery to repair torn meniscus

This sucks.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

All the signs were pointing to Derrick Rose missing the entire season following a tear to his right medial meniscus, and the Bulls announced just that Monday morning:

As expected, Rose and the Bulls chose to go for the repair route rather than the removal or "shaving" route, which is better for him long term. It seemed like there was a reasonable expectation for Rose to return sometime by the end of the regular season, but instead of stringing people along again like last year, the Bulls have gotten out in front of the message by saying he's done for the year. If Rose somehow returns, he's a hero. But with Dr. Reggie at the helm, I wouldn't expect it.

Now Bulls management has some work to do. With another lost season, a rebuild pretty much has to occur. I'm looking to trade Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer, while also entertaining all offers for guys like Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. Tanking almost certainly won't happen with Tom Thibodeau as coach and the East being a pile of crap, but there's little reason to be mediocre with this loaded draft coming up. And make no mistake, this team will be pretty mediocre. This will likely also test the relationship between Thibs and Gar Forman.

And of course, the future of Rose is a major question mark. He should make a full recovery, but two major surgeries back-to-back is really alarming. It may be time to consider that he's not the guy to lead the Bulls to a title, but I won't go there yet.

Much more to come. Ugh.