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Derrick Rose injury: Surgery set for Monday, timetable hopefully set then too

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

errick Rose is set to have right-knee surgery on Monday, performed by the Bulls team surgeon. That's about all we know when it comes what's next for Derrick Rose's meniscus tear. As KC Johnson points out in that latest update, the option to completely remove a damaged meniscus very likely won't be pursued, opting instead for a repair which has a longer recuperation time but potentially less long-term effects.

Until Cole performs the surgery, it's not known if merely an arthroscopic process to clean up the meniscus can be salvaged. That could have Rose on the court again this season. But with Rose just 25, whatever is best for his long-term career will dictate the decision.

So we won't know until they get in there. Depending on the severity, the recovery timetable varies wildly. So I'm not sure then why it's already assumed that Rose will take the longest-possible timeline amongst that spectrum. 3 months is late February, 4 months is nearing playoff time, if it's merely of average severity (not really a great I said it appears to vary significantly. Even Westbrook's case is different as he had 2 surgeries) little reason for him to miss the season.

Unless the reason is 'because he's Derrick Rose, and that guy and his camp likes to be super sure'. That's the implication from Aggrey Sam's source:

Another source told that Rose’s recovery won’t be rushed, increasing the probability that the former league MVP won’t return to the court this season, something the Bulls are prepared for.

Oh god, not this again.

Like what was hopefully made clear over the course of last season: not taking an inordinately long amount of time isn't 'rushed'.

I hope whatever we learn on Monday, it is accompanied soon after with a reasonable (and medically informed) estimate a timetable of the return. If it's 6 months, then fine ::looks at calendar:: he won't be back this season, we can be all told this. The Bulls can plan accordingly, and fans can adjust emotionally. Hey, that last bit is important to team bloggers.

(And heck, the meniscus can be so severely damaged that they have no choice to remove it and he's back in a couple of weeks. Hooray?)

If it's a timeline within the season, then great! He can heal...and just play. It really doesn't have to be more complicated than that, nor concern any 'camps' outside of what is medically recommended. It certainly doesn't have to be extra cautious for the sake of...I don't know, fear, I guess? Because it clearly didn't make a difference this last time.