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Derrick Rose injury: torn meniscus and surgery for Rose, out indefinitely

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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

KC Johnson with the news:

The Bulls announced on Saturday that subsequent examinations and an MRI confirmed a medial meniscus tear to Derrick Rose's right knee, which will require surgery. He is out indefinitely, and will not accompany the team on the rest of its current road trip.

Some athletes have returned after a four to five week absence from this injury. Given Rose's torn ACL on his other knee, they likely will be conservative.

Indeed, there are a lot of examples of this injury and different recovery timelines. It's looking like this season will become like the last: lots of 'updates' and looking for a return. So that sucks.

But it's not the worst news possible. My first reaction was unbridled joy that it wasn't another ACL tear. But clearly Rose's durability is something the Bulls have to consider moving forward.

Hug your loved ones.