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Bulls vs. Nuggets: Nate Robinson hosts his old team

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Looks like I have to pull my own weight since a certain person that signed up for a certain game preview let myself and the rest of you (I know!) down.

The Bulls are playing the Nuggets in the 2nd game of TNT's weekly doubleheader. It's slated to start at 9:30 central but oftentimes in these national broadcasts that second game gets delayed (or the game starts without coverage). This is fine to me if it means no Neil and Stacey in my ears. The first game is Clippers-Thunder, which will probably be more entertaining anyway.

The Nuggets have 2012-13 Bulls cult hero Nate Robinson. It hasn't been going too great for both he and his new team, they're 4-6 and Nate's minutes have dropped a bit yet he's simultaneously nursing a sore shooting wrist. One of my favorite blogs, Denver Stiffs, even went so far as to speculate that Nate is the next Earl Boykins. Seems harsh, though it's early. And the Nuggets have been playing better since the return of Wilson Chandler, with their current 2-game losing streak was a pretty rough road trip to Houston and Oklahoma City. It's still a roster in obvious flux still after a tumultuous offseason (new GM, new coach, fewer players), with currently Javale McGee and Danilo Gallinari recovering from surgery still. Gallinari is recovering from last season's ACL tear, though he'll likely join the ranks of everyone else ever in returning quicker than Derrick Rose.

Speaking of Bulls injuries, in the wake of Jimmy Butler's turf-toe injury (that everyone on Monday feared except the Bulls trainers) it's still undetermined who will start at shooting guard. KC Johnson speculates that it's likely Dunleavy, with Hinrich being the 'closer' at the position alongside Rose. The Rose+Hinrich combo has shown signs lately but so far has not been good. But the bigger concern is seeing Rose himself not looking good.

We'll also have to see if Thibs opens up the rotation or merely plays the same guys more minutes. Doug at Bulls Confidential has the gall to use the phrases 'interested' and 'looking forward to' when it comes to Marquis Teague and Tony Snell. I agree that they should play more since it's the regular season and all, but I won't dare suggest I'm excited by it.

It may just be a lot of small-ball with Hinrich. The Nuggets employ several very small guards, often simultaneously, from Nate Rob to dribble-drive extraordinaire Ty Lawson to old-man Andre Miller to forgot-he-signed-there Randy Foye. Look for them all to get some time on the court together, and for Aggrey Sam to tweet 'Nathaniel' after Robinson does something, which always bugged the heck out of me. But that's my own issue, you guys enjoy the game.