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Derrick Rose injury: Rose exits game early with right hamstring injury

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose was out for the final 3:15 of the Bulls victory over the Cavaliers on Monday night (recap coming Tuesday morning) after aggravating his right hamstring. It appears to have happened on his final basket of the night, as Rose was noticeably grimacing after a coast-to-coast drive and finish. After a timeout, Rose stayed in for another defensive possession and then another timeout was called by the Bulls and Rose did not return. He was seen during the final stretch of the game with his right leg being worked on by assistant trainer Jeff Tanaka and team doctor (and Rose ACL surgeon) Dr. Brian Cole. This was bizarrely ignored during the telecast, which I was forced to un-mute (shudder) to try and get information.

update: here's video via I'm sure we all saw Rose grimacing...can only guess Neil literally can't see it because of blindness, and Stacey had to get in 5 catchphrases before the break.

After the game, Tom Thibodeau said that Rose had a right hamstring strain. Thibs followed by saying Rose will be checked out on Tuesday, and it appears to be 'minor'. The Bulls do not play again until Friday.

update: Rose himself said "it's nothing big at all"