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Bulls injury update: Joakim Noah out for preseason opener, Kirk Hinrich plans to play

Noah won't play against the Pacers due to a tweaked groin, while Hinrich's back spasms have subsided.


Joakim Noah won't play in the Bulls' preseason opener Saturday night against the Pacers on Saturday due to a groin injury. Noah suffered the injury by...wait for it...slipping on a wet floor at practice a few days ago. I mean, seriously, what the heck?

Noah told reporters that he probably won't play in the first couple of preseason games as a precaution. It's definitely smart that the Bulls are holding him out, but it's a bummer that we're already talking about this stuff after what he (and the team as a whole) went through last year. Hopefully Jo heals up quick and it's not something that lingers. At least it's not his feet, although there is a "feet update" with Noah, as he announced he'll be joining Derrick Rose and a host of other Bulls on Team adidas. I'm sure we'll see some commercials with Rose and Noah together in the near future.

It has not been determined who will get the start at the 5, but Tom Thibodeau said it "could" be Taj Gibson. There's a plan to use Gibson at the 5 more anyway, per CSN Chicago's Aggrey Sam, which could explain why Gibson bulked up so much this offseason. Going against the Pacers' frontcourt will certainly be a good test for that strategy.

In more positive news (depending on who you're talking to), Kirk Hinrich practiced Friday and plans on playing against Indiana. Hinrich had been suffering from a bout of back spasms, but they have apparently subsided.