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Derrick Rose game-time decision vs. Knicks with sore neck, but expects to play

It's not his knee, but his neck!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Derrick Rose Game-time Decision Watch.

Rose didn't participate in shootaround Thursday morning and is a game-time decision for the Bulls' home opener against the Knicks. It's not a knee problem, but a neck problem. However, if we're to believe Rose and not the dirty liar Tom Thibodeau, the point guard is definitely playing tonight:

Thibs trolled the media as usual by saying Rose had something wrong with his "body," although he at least had the courtesy to say there was nothing wrong with the knee.

I'm sure this is a whole bunch of nothing, although with the Bulls, we never can be too sure. Hopefully Rose isn't being dumb and pushing to play because this is the home opener against a rival. It would almost make me feel better if it was just knee soreness, because "part of the process" and everything. But I think you can put me in the not too worried camp. I think.