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Bulls training camp 2013: starters get "planned rest", scrubs get waived

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After media day, there really hasn't been that much news coming out of the Bulls training camp. That can be considered a good thing, right? Not many spots to be won on the roster, no injuries to report...everyone is feeling great and talking better than super-great.

The only bits of information over the past couple of days have been that the Bulls waived Kalin Lucas and Patrick Christopher, plus instances of 'planned rest'.  Both Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich sat out Wednesday's practice after an off day on Tuesday. Thibs downplayed it, and responded to a question by saying it had nothing to do with Noah's foot issues. And if you can't trust Tom Thibodeau when it comes to injuries, you need more love in your life!

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 10/03/13 1:58 PM CDT: And now it's Thursday and Noah+Hinrich missed practice again. ]

Of course, the biggest possible injury story would surround Derrick Rose, who has also already sat out a practice when funnily enough he said he wouldn't do that. This is all normal and fine, but it's just another instance where I think we all have had so much Rose fatigue when it comes to anything but playing, that both him and us are sick of the rest. That should end on Saturday, thankfully.

On that first preseason game, we'll see Rose on the court, and get to judge that instead of the latest #humblebrag tour. Steve Aschburner of (via PippenAintEasy) had an interesting take on how the initial reaction may go:

In a sense, Rose is in a no-lose situation: If he returns like his old self, people will argue that his decision to wait through the summer – and his annual tune-ups in Los Angeles – was the right strategy. If he shows rust or has off-nights – as most who return from his particular injury do – folks can say, “See, how could he have come back in the playoffs?”

I had similar thoughts this summer, essentially saying you can twist any coming result to justify any of your opinions about last season's fiasco.

But if you hear Rose and his teammates talk, the focus isn't on last year at all, but this coming one. And while until now we've only heard very brief words from training camp, an actual televised game should get us moving forward too.