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Chicago Bulls preseason: another blowout victory

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucks started tonight's game extremely small, with Larry Sanders as their only true big (and a relatively slight one, at that). The Bulls countered with starting Taj Gibson alongside Carlos Boozer, and the whole lineup simply overpowered Milwaukee. They jumped out to a 20-4 lead and the rest of the game was in that blowout range until finishing as a 105-84 victory.

Not only were the Bulls able to completely control the glass and muscle the Bucks into forcing outside shots, they still had a quickness advantage in transition due to Derrick Rose. Rose continued his phenomenal preseason with 24 points on 6-10 shooting: 2-5 from three, 10-11 from the line...yeeeeeesh that's good. And in only 27 minutes, as the blowout margin meant he could sit for the 4th quarter.

[even I tired out in the 4th in this one. As it's preseason basketball it becomes just a mess of fouls and turnovers, made even more unsettling when you watch on mute]

Rose also had 4 assists and looked pretty good with a few other passes that turned into bricks or FTAs. For someone who may not have demonstrated pure 'court vision' (or whatever) in his career, Rose can make up for it by being big enough to get in the lane, explosive enough to draw the defense and get in the air, and show the obscene strength to fire passes across the court. They may not look conventional but it certainly does the job in generating open looks.

As for everyone else...the entire Bulls starting front line was able to feast: Deng had 12 FTAs, Boozer made some of his usual Boozington moves but did have 16 points, Taj had several beasting occasions (including a mini-fight and technical with Brandon Knight). Mike Dunleavy looked good as well. Dunleavy even produced when being forced to play with the 3rd-stringers and played a team-high 32 minutes.

As for those 3rd stringers, Teague alternated between 'hey, not bad' and 'hey, that's not good'. The rest probably had more of just the latter outside of Tony Snell hitting 3s (which is nice).

Oh, and nobody else got injured tonight, so that's cool.