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Bulls injury update: Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy game-time decisions vs. Pistons

Because we can't have nice things.


So remember when we were getting all excited about the Bulls' starting lineup finally taking the floor together for the first time ever on Wednesday night against the Pistons? Well, because we apparently can't have nice things, that may not happen.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune doused us with his bucket of cold water this morning, reporting that Jimmy Butler is a game-time decision due to "an unspecified leg injury." Butler suffered the injury in Saturday's game against the Wizards, but despite limping at times throughout the contest, he said he felt fine afterward.

However, Johnson reports that Butler struggled with some soreness during Tuesday's practice and was seen limping after it was over. I honestly didn't think Butler could feel any pain, but I guess he's human after all. If Butler can't play, Kirk Hinrich will get the start at the 2.

Mike Dunleavy also may not play against the Pistons after "colliding with a teammate" at Tuesday's practice. Because of course!

At least Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will be back.