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Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf among 2013 Hall of Fame nominees

Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is among the new nominees for the Basketball Hall of Fame.


Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is among a new batch of nominees for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, according to 31 candidates are moving forward in the Hall of Fame voting process via selection by the North American committee, which then moves to judgement by a nine-member panel. Seven votes out of nine are needed to become a finalist, with those being announced at All-Star Weekend in February. Then, a separate group of 24 voters make the final ruling, with 18 votes needed to make the Hall of Fame. Reinsdorf is a candidate through the contributor category.

I'm sure not many Bulls fans want to hear Reinsdorf's name associated with the Hall of Fame right now. But for as much as some of us (and probably some of his employees) loathe him, he has helped build the Bulls into one of the most lucrative franchises in the NBA. Reinsdorf should make the Hall of Fame for his financial championships alone. And he did hire Jerry Krause, who for all of his faults later in his career, did help build the dynasties. So while we hate Reinsdorf for his penny-pinching, he has done his job pretty well.

Other notable nominees with Bulls ties include Krause, Dick Motta, Johnny Bach and Del Harris.